Prometic Replaced by Pearson VUE

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All PMI Certification Exams Moving to Pearson VUE

In our Strategic Plan, we committed to putting customers at the forefront of our offerings. The first change will be improving our certification exam delivery experience. Exam candidates can now schedule their exams for PMP®, PgMP®, PfMP®, PMI-PBA®, PMI-RMP® and PMI-SP® through Pearson VUE. This will provide more test locations, online proctoring for PMI-ACP® and CAPM® exams and better access for U.S. military members. 

We’re moving to Pearson VUE to provide a better overall exam experience. All certification examinations worldwide (except China) will be run through Pearson VUE to provide:

  • Additional test locations: With more testing locations available, choosing a convenient test site is easier than ever. (Find a Pearson VUE testing location here.)
  • Online proctoring for PMI-ACP® and CAPM®: Candidates can now test from their home or office for increased convenience and ease-of-access.  No other certifications are scheduled for online proctoring at this time.
  • Versatility to U.S. Service Members: Pearson VUE offers a global U.S. Federal and military on-base test center network in the marketplace, allowing US Service and government members to test where serve around the world.

What do you need to do?

You can continue directing candidates through the existing application process with no changes (all exam fees will remain the same).  Candidates will be guided to one of the test vendors based on the date they plan to test. If you provide details around the scheduling or testing process at Prometric in your materials then you will need to update them.

To help answer more specific questions on scheduling through Pearson VUE use the Pearson VUE scheduling instructions  and download a full list of the test locations.

Transition Timeline 

There will be a period of overlap where scheduling and testing will be available with both Prometric and Pearson VUE.  Most candidates who have already scheduled their exams will be unaffected by this change.   

Important Dates
1 March 2019 PMI-ACP scheduling available at Pearson VUE
1 April 2019 PMI-ACP testing begins at Pearson VUE centers and online proctoring
1 April 2019 Scheduling available at Pearson VUE for PMP®, PgMP®, PfMP®, PMI-PBA®, PMI-SP® and PMI-RMP® exams
30 June 2019 Last date for testing at Prometric centers
1 July 2019 Testing begins at Pearson VUE centers for PMP, PgMP, PfMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-SP and PMI-RMP exams

Next Steps for Candidates Who Already Scheduled through Prometric

Candidates who have already scheduled a test with Prometric on or before 30 June 2019 can keep that appointment and test as planned, regardless of the certification exam. For those candidates who have already scheduled with Prometric on or after 1 July 2019, we will work with Prometric and Pearson VUE to have their test appointment moved to Pearson VUE. 

Next Steps for Candidates Who Have Not Scheduled

Candidates who did not yet schedule their exams as of 19 April have been sent Pearson VUE scheduling information to schedule their exams on or after 1 July. 

Next Steps for Paper-based Testing (PBT)

We will work with Pearson VUE to transition any candidates that are scheduled for a PBT exam on or after 1 July 2019 to Pearson VUE test center location.