Sr. Project Manager

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BRPH Companies, Inc.

Sr. Project Manager

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ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

The Project Manager is responsible for successfully managing his/her assigned projects to meet the customer’s program, expectations and the Firm’s Mission and Vision. Assignments require independent judgment and application of a non-routine, complex nature, under the supervision of the Director of Project Management. Assignments shall include variables and be complex. Makes decisions independently, and represents the company and the customer to resolve important questions and to plan, coordinate, and manage projects. The knowledge and expertise required for this level of work results from progressive experience and education.


In performing Project Management duties, the Project Manager shall:

  1. Understand the project scope, goals, and limitations.
  2. Understand and visualize the customer’s goals and expectations.
  3. Communicate with the customer, the customer’s assignees, the design team, the construction administration team, the contractors, and all agencies, as necessary, which are involved in order to successfully complete a project.
  4. Develop project scope of work where required or necessary.
  5. Prepare project proposals and contracts in accordance with Firm’s policies.
  6. Plan the project including activities, schedule, milestones, cost projection over timeline.
  7. In concert with Department staff, establish the Firm’s project budget, communicate and distribute the budget, manage and control the budget, report time line status accounting.
  8. Request staff allocation to successfully fulfill the requirements of the project from both the customer and the Firm’s goal.
  9. Convey the customer’s and Firm’s expectations to the team members.
  10. Lead and manage the project and the Firm’s team (staff and consultants).
  11. Control and coordinate the project, the team, and the customer to fulfill the obligations of the Firm to the customer, while maintaining quality, profitability, reputability and customer expectations.
  12. Practice risk management throughout the project.
  13. Prepare Instructions to Bidders, General Conditions, Supplementary Conditions and Division I of the Specifications.
  14. Motivate and mentor team in conjunction with the discipline directors.
  15. Prepare Project Status Reports including pertinent data, cost and profit projection vs actual over time line.
  16. Maintain good project documentation, files and records.
  17. Prepare scope of work, obtain proposals, and prepare Agreements and Purchase Orders for required outside services.
  18. Assist accounting in timely and accurate invoicing and accounts payable.
  19. Promote customer satisfaction within the customer’s as well as the firm’s Mission.
  20. Deliver or exceed the customer’s expectations in accordance with the Firm’s contractual obligations and the Firm’s policies, including quality and profitability.
  21. Provide necessary activities and documentation to close out project.
  22. Maintain Firm’s project data base for his/her projects.
  23. Assist in marketing in accordance with the Firms’ marketing plan and policies.
  24. Assure project quality and attend Quality Control Review sessions.
  25. Supervise assigned Project Administrator.
  26. Assist in development and mentoring of Project Manager Trainees.
  27. Promote communications, cooperation and quality among staff.
  • May visit construction site to review, monitor, and report progress and perform other construction administration duties, such as attend construction site meetings, review RFI’s, prepare ASI’s, PR’s, prepare status/progress reports.
  • Duties may include, or assisting in, supervising, coordinating and checking the work.
  • Promotes and represents the firm in a professional manner.
  • Responsible for project specific standards, practices and quality as defined by BRPH.


Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree, in Architecture, Engineering or Construction related field, from an accredited four-year college or university. Must have minimum of eight (8) years related experience in areas as listed under essential duties and responsibilities.

This job description may be changed to include new responsibilities and tasks or change existing ones as management deems necessary.


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