2023 Speaker | Networking | Volunteer Events

Dec 13: 25th Anniversary and Member Appreciation Event
Dec 13: Lunch and Learn Show Me Your Raid Log
Nov 11: Team PMIWIC Rake-up Boise
Nov 8: Lunch and Learn AI and Project Management in Practice
Oct 25: In Person Networking Event and Case Study Activity
Oct 11: Lunch and Learn AI and LM Future Proof Your PM Career
Sep 27: PMIWI Annual Career Panel Event
Sep 13: Lunch and Learn Design Your Development, Chart Your Career
Sep 1: Idaho Foodbank Volunteer Event
Aug 24: INTERFACE Boise 2023
Jul 12: Lunch and Learn Conflict Management and Strategic Thinking Doubleheader ProjectBites
Jun 28: Annual Meeting + Board Report from 2023 NA-LIM in San Diego, Focus Group Report
Jun 14: Lunch and Learn Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Amazing Teams
Jun 2: Idaho Foodbank Volunteer Event
May 24: In Person Networking Event Project Management Round Table on PM Issues
May 10: Lunch and Learn Building Great Business Cases
Apr 26: Virtual Speaker Event Today’s Digital Transformation Journey
Apr 12: Lunch and Learn I Was Agile before the Manifesto
Mar 22: Evening Event CANCELLED
Mar 8: Lunch and Learn Why Disciplined Agile is Your Best Path Forward to Agile
Mar 3: Idaho Food Bank Volunteer Event
Mar 1: Professional Development Day
Feb 22: In Person Networking Event 2023 – It’s All About Reconnecting and Paying It Forward
Feb 8: Lunch and Learn Risk Management Strategies: Collecting, Assessing & Mitigating Risks
Jan 25: Evening Event PMI Global Summit – Western Idaho Chapter Retrospective
Jan 11 Lunch and Learn Optimizing your Portfolio Management in support of Digital Strategy

2022 Speaker | Networking | Volunteer Events

Dec 2022 – Jan 2023 Future City Volunteer
Dec 14 Networking Event – Bingo!
Dec 14 Lunch and Learn Green Energy Projects – Tools and Considerations for Balancing Opportunity and Risk
November 19 -Rake UP Boise Volunteer
November 9 Lunch and Learn 101 of Visual thinking
November 4 Foodbank Volunteer
October 26 Evening Event PMIWIC 2022 Career Panel | Webinar #grow
October 12 Lunch and Learn An Introduction to Jobs to be Done Architecture and Innovation outcomes
September 21 Professional Development Day
September 14 Lunch and Learn Enabling Change and Empowering Change Makers and Engaging Your Project Provocateur ProjectBites Doubleheader
Aug 5 Idaho Foodbank Volunteer
June 22 Virtual Annual Meeting and Speaker Event Learn What Companies Need PMs to Know, What Certs PMs to consider
June 8 Lunch and Learn How Excellence in Collaboration Creates Better Project Plans
May 25 Evening Event Networking, and Jeopardy PMIWIC Style!
May 11 Lunch and Learn Adapting to Artificial Intelligence…Are you ready?
May 6 Idaho Foodbank Volunteer
April 27 Evening Event Networking and Meet the Board Candidates
April 13 Lunch and Learn Crucial Conversations
March 23 Evening Event Looking Back on 2021: Four Trends, Themes + Lessons Learned in Cyber Security
March 9 Lunch and Learn Integrating Agile Techniques into Traditional Projects
February 23 Evening Event Not Another Meeting! Approaches to streamlining meetings
February 9 Lunch and Learn Keep your Stakeholders Close…
Feb 4 Idaho Foodbank Volunteer Opp – Sign-up opens Dec 28
2021-22 Future City Competition – Special Award Judge
2022 January 26 Evening Event Three Steps to becoming a More Resilient Leader
2022 January 12 Lunch and Learn Managing Remote and Distributed Teams

2021 Speaker | Networking | Volunteer Events

2021 January 13 Lunch and Learn People Centered Project Management (PCPM): Achieving a Better Outcome with a Holistic Approach
2021 January 27 Speaker Project Management for Non-Profit and Volunteer Organizations
2021 February 10 Lunch and Learn How to Adopt a Troubled Project CANCELLED
2021 February 24 Speaker LUMEN: Not Just a Phone Company
2021 March 5 Professional Development Event
2021 March 10 Lunch and Learn The Important and Critical Connection of Projects with Strategy
2021 March 24 Networking Networking Event: Mentoring Moderated Roundtable Discussions
2021 Apr 2 Volunteer Opportunity – Open till Mar 26!
2021 Apr 14 Lunch and Learn Lean Six Sigma Tools to Leverage for Effective Project Management
2021 April 28 Speaker From Plan to Project: How COMPASS is Building the Transportation System of Tomorrow
2021 May 12 Lunch and Learn Manage the Change OR It Will Manage You!
2021 May 26 Speaker Event – Lean and Six Sigma Tools for Effective Project Management – More of the Story!
2021 Jun 4 Volunteer Opportunity – Open till May 28!
2021 June 9 Lunch and Learn Risky People – Recognizing the Human Risks to Your Projects
2021 June 23 Annual Meeting | Speaker Event with Tim Cormier on Change Management
2021 September 8 Lunch and Learn Take Care of Yourself – Take Care of Your Team
2021 Sep 10 Volunteer Opportunity – Open Till Aug 27th
2021 September 22 Career Panel
2021 October 13 Lunch and Learn Take Care of Yourself – Take Care of Your Team
2021 October 27 Speaker PMO Fundamentals – Where Have We Been, and Where are We Going?
2021 November 10 Lunch and Learn (Virtual) Emotional Intelligence: Create High-functioning Teams and Drive Positive Outcomes
2021 Nov 13 Rake-up Boise! Open Until October 29th
2021 Dec 3 Volunteer Opportunity Open Until November 19th
2021 December 8 Lunch and Learn (Virtual) Waterfall and Agile: Friends or Foes?
2021 December 8 Evening Event (Virtual) Game Night with PMIWIC Topics