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September 13, 2023 – PMIWIC Virtual Lunch and Learn Event
Design Your Development – Chart Your Career

Presented by Ann Smith, CEO, Founder, and Talent Development Partner, Guide & Grow Consulting


Are you at cross-roads in your current project management role, uncertain about your next steps or unsure how to get there? Are you ready to take ownership of your career path, plan your long-term goals, and position yourself for advancement? You are not alone. 91% of employees want personalized, relevant training, and a chance to learn new skills. 

A great career starts with planning. This workshop will help you map out and define your career goals to put yourself on the path to success. Our approach is that this process is ongoing, systematic, and aimed toward a fulfilling work life. Engaging in this ongoing process should be interesting, challenging, and enjoyable. 

Whether you’re looking to navigate career transitions within the project management path, earn promotions, change fields, or transform your whole career outlook, this workshop will help you take the next step toward your next step. 

At the completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits and roadblocks of career development and planning 
  • Understand the principles of career development and learning, including leader roles and responsibilities 
  • Clarify personal values, motivators, skills, and interests and align to current role and future career objectives 
  • Set SMART goals and identify appropriate learning and development opportunities and activities you can undertake aligned with the 70/20/10 development model 
  • Prepare to have meaningful career development conversations, including challenging conversations 
  • Identify where to access additional learning and development

View the presentation slide deck
View the presentation video. PDU reporting instructions are included in the video.

You can claim 1.0 PDU for this Lunch and Learn. Lunch and Learn topics align with any/all of the PMI Talent Triangle® components (Business Acumen, Power Skills, Ways of Working)

Speaker Bio
Ann Smith

CEO, Founder and Talent Development Partner – Guide & Grow Consulting

Ann Smith with Guide & Grow Consulting has supported talent development for over two decades in a variety of industries including technology, food and agriculture, medical device, property management, government and non-profit. Ann helps businesses attract, train, and retain skilled employees by providing help with career pathing, leadership development, and team training. She is energized by assessing, designing, and facilitating learning conversations to build stronger relationships, create a sense of belonging, and foster innovation, that leads to personal and business success during times of uncertainty and change. Ann applies her zest for learning to all areas of her life, including running marathons, camping, animal welfare, coaching Girls on the Run, and fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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