PMI Western Idaho Chapter – Helping Lay Project Management Foundations for Tomorrow

Imagine a future, where every city is clean, green, and self-sufficient. Cities that are powered completely by solar sidewalks and roads, or highly efficient wind turbines, or by harnessing wave power from the seas. Now imagine cities connected by free, maglev bullet trains and global hyperloops. Imagine education available to all, food grown locally, and robotic emergency medical technicians and police.

What if your life’s work was to focus on the things that you are good at and that interest you? These and hundreds of other questions face teams of our nation’s 6th, 7th, and 8th grade youth when they compete in the annual Future City competition. 

2019-20 Idaho Regional Competition – 34 Teams Competed for Top Honors and a Trip to DC – New Safi Team – Best Project Plan

Each team designs and competes on the basis of what an ideal city 100 years from now would look like and are judged across four areas: 

  • Sim City – Where teams build a virtual representation of their “Ideal” Future City
  • City Essay – Where teams explain the workings and merits of their “Ideal” Future City
  • Project Plan – Where teams demonstrate in writing, how they planned, organized, and approached the work for each of these four deliverables
  • Model/Presentation – Where teams build a physical, scaled-down model of their “ideal” Future City and make public presentations on its workings and merits

Key Dates for 2019-20 Competition Judging:

  • January 18, 2020 – Project Plans are due
  • January 19, 2020 – PMIWIC Judging begins
  • January 25, 2020 – Regional Future City Competition at BSU – Presentations, Models, Final Judging

How PMI Western Idaho Chapter Supports this Effort

The Future City competition is supported nationally by PMI and locally by our chapter. This year, your PMIWIC will again join the Idaho Region of the Future City Competition as a sponsor, helping to fund the competition and by supplying a special award. This year, we had the honor of awarding the Best Project Plan, Special Award to the Future City New Safi team.  We also fielded several volunteer judges for the competition. Judges may participate in the weeks leading up to the competition by reviewing and judging the Sim City models, Essays, or Project Plans. On the day of the competition, judges walk the floor for a first hand presentation of the scale models. A panel of finalist judges, select the top winners.

Each year, we reach out to Future City team coaches with offers to make project management presentations, mentor, and answer questions. All Idaho Regional teams are also provided with PMI Educational Foundation resources such as:

  • Project Management Toolkit for Teachers
  • Managing Life’s Projects
  • Project Management Skills for Life
  • And access to dozens of other resource titles
Reme Pullicar, PMIWIC Educational Liaison and the Future City Vetus Bona team

How YOU can get involved – Imagination, dedication, and team work bring these kids to the competition. It is both a learning experience and a chance to do something “Big.”  You can help by volunteering to judge the Best Project Plan, awarded by PMIWIC.

Get more information about the Future City Competition here: or contact Reme Pullicar our PMIWIC, Education Liaison via email