Building Project Management Foundations for Tomorrow

Imagine the challenges of building a future, where every city is clean, green, and self-sufficient. How would you design cities that are powered completely by solar sidewalks and roads, or highly efficient wind turbines, or by harnessing wave power from the seas. These and hundreds of other questions face teams of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students when they compete in the annual Future City competition.  View 2024 results.

How We Support Future City Competitions

The annual Future City engineering and project management competition is supported globally by PMI® and locally by our chapter. Our chapter supports the Idaho Regional Future City Competition as a Platinum sponsor, supplying a special award for the Best Project Plan, and providing volunteer special award judges. Our special award judges participate the week before the competition by reviewing and judging submitted project plans. On the day of the competition, our judges walk the floor for a firsthand presentation of the scale models and to interview the special award finalists to help select winning team. View 2024 results.

How YOU Can Get Involved

Imagination, dedication, and teamwork bring these kids to the competition. It is both a learning experience and a chance to do something “big.”   You can help by volunteering to judge and award the Best Project Plan!

Click HERE to submit a form to be a 2024 special award judge for PMIWIC’s Best Project Plan.

Earn 9.0 Giving Back PDUs for this volunteer event that will apply to any/all of the components of the PMI Talent Triangle (Ways of Working, Power Skills, Business Acumen)

Questions?  Contact Sheryl Bishop, Education Coordinator via email:

2024 Time Commitment

Prior to the Competition: 4.0 hrs 

  • Friday, Jan 5 – Kickoff/Introductions (30 min – .5 PDU)
  • Friday, Jan 12 – Receive project plan review training (45 min – .75 PDU)
  • Monday, Jan 16 – 18 Evaluate project plans electronically (2.5 hrs – 2 .5 PDUs)
  • Friday, Jan 19 – Touch base (15 min – .25 PDU)

5.0 hrs on the day of the competition – Saturday, Jan 20: 

  • Attend Regional Future City Competition at BSU (in person)
  • Identify the top teams on the day of the competition 
  • Interview members of the top future city teams
  • Determine the winner of the PMIWIC Best Project Plan special award

What the Teams Submit for the Competition

Each team designs and competes on the basis of what an ideal city 100 years from now would look like and are judged across four areas (below). PMIWIC special award judges will focus on the project plans specifically.

  • Sim City – Build a virtual representation of their “Ideal” Future City
  • City Essay – Explain the workings and merits of their “Ideal” Future City
  • Project Plan – Demonstrate how they planned, organized, and approached the four deliverables
  • Model – Build a physical, scaled-down model of their “ideal” Future City
  • Presentation – Make public presentations on the workings and the merits of their models