Teachers, Mentors, Judges, Sponsors and Volunteers:

On behalf of the Idaho Future City Steering Commitee, THANK YOU!  As always, this event could not have happened without the help and support of every student, parent, teacher, mentor, judge, sponsor and volunteer.  Please see the attached program for a list of participants, volunteers, and sponsors.  Special thanks again to all of our sponsors who allow Idaho to offer this program for free, especially our partner/funder the Idaho STEM Ecosystem and Idaho STEM Action Center whose support has helped to provide teams with travel funds again this year. 

Please view and share the Idaho STEM Action Center’s video “This Is STEM” found here and played at the Idaho Regional Competition, the video clip @ https://vimeo.com/902373621 promoting the new Cities of the Future IMAX movie coming out in February 2023. This film sponsored by ASCE explores how today’s engineers are designing solutions that will build a better world with new innovations that will change the way we live.  In one of the highlights, the film features 5 middle school students competing in the Future City Competition building their own future city. Seeing the future from the viewpoints of young students brings a new vision of hope for the future.

Below are the results from the 20th Idaho Regional Future City Competition.  This year’s final round competition included 32 teams from 13 different schools.  Participants came from all over Idaho including Ammon, Blackfoot, Boise, Caldwell, Garden Valley, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Nampa, Parma, and Sandpoint.  ~Idaho Regional Future City Steering Committee

www.futurecity.org | www.futurecity.org/Idaho | idaho@futurecity.org

1st Place Winner: Garden Valley School’s Future City Terra Pura 

  • Best City Model – Future City Terra Pura
  • Best City Presentation – Future City Terra Pura 
  • Best Project Plan (PMIEF & PMIWIC) Future City Terra Pura

Students Joseph H, Nick T, Emily W, et al., along with educator Hannah Mitchell, and mentor Meghann Donley from Jacobs, will represent Idaho at the National Future City Finals in Washington DC this February!

2nd Place: Sacred Heart Catholic School’s Future City Bagomanila

3rd Place: Heritage Middle School’s Future City Solis

4th Place: White Pine Charter School’s Future City Bottlebrush City

5th Place: Mosiacs Public School’s Future City Windstadt

Other Special awards, their sponsors, and the winning school and future city:  

  • Best City Essay – Garden Valley School’s Future City Agua-City
  • Best Infrastructure System (American Society of Civil Engineers Southern Idaho Section – Syringa Middle School’s Future City The Leben Islands
  • Best Visualization of a Smart, Sustainable City (American Society of Civil Engineers) – Victory Middle School’s Future City New Nenu
  • Best Consideration of Air Transportation (Ardurra) – Victory Middle School’s Future City Dyfoldol
  • Best Electrical Power Delivery System (Bonneville Power Administration) – Sacred Heart Catholic School’s Future City Bagomanila
  • Most Innovative Approach to Overcoming Obstacles (Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho) –  Victory Middle School’s Future City Nerdebyen
  • Best Management of Water Resources Award (CONSOR) –  Garden Valley School’s Future City Willamette City
  • Mission Possible: Positively Impacting the Community (David Evans and Associates) – White Pine Charter School’s Future City Sphero City
  • Electrify! (Forsgren Associates ) –  Heritage Middle School Future City Cidade Costeira
  • Best “One-of-a-Kind” Design Incorporating Earth Science Elements (Geo Engineers) – Heritage Middle School’s Future City Clover
  • Most Synergistic City (HDR) –   Garden Valley School’s Future City Willamette City
  • Advancing Quality of Life for All Award (Idaho Society of Professional Engineers) –  Mosiacs Public School’s  Future City Save the Turtles
  • Most Innovative Multi-modal Electric Transportation System (Idaho Transportation Department Employees) – Selle Valley Carden School’s Future City Electra City
  • Best Design of a City Power System with 100% “Net-Zero” Emission Sources (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – Boise Section and Power & Energy Society Chapter)  –  Victory Middle School’s Future City New Nenu
  • Most Multimodal Transportation Network (Institute of Transportation Engineers – Idaho Chapter)   – Parma Middle School’s Future City Vorborg
  • Most Livable City (Jacobs) -White Pine Charter School’s Future City Bottlebrush City
  • Best Transportation System (Kittelson & Associates, Inc.) -American Heritage School’s Future City Dianqi Cheng
  • Best Residential Zone (KM Engineering) Parma Middle School’s Future City Riverside
  • Most Accessible Transportation System (Local Highway Technical Assistance Council Employees)  – Selle Valley Carden School’s Future City Jet Blue
  • Best Land Surveying Practices (National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying) – Mosiacs Public School’s Future City Windstadt
  • Best Futuristic City (Parametrix) – Mosiacs Public School’s Future City Paradise Grove
  • Greatest Impact on Community (St. Lukes) – American Heritage School’s Future City Kalathea
  • Best Application of Fire Protection Principles in City Design (Society of Fire Protection Engineers – Snake River Valley Chapter) – Idaho Arts Charter School Future City TNTBB
  • Best Geotechnical Design Feature (STRATA, Inc.)  – Sacred Heart Catholic School’s Future City Astra
  • Best Structural Design for Disaster Performance (Tamarack Grove Engineering) – Syringa Middle School’s Future City Umi-no-machi
  • Multidisciplinary Solutions (University of Idaho College of Engineering) -Hertiage Middle School’sFuture City Solis
  • Best Conservation of Water Resources through Reuse (Western Consulting Group) – American Heritage School’s Future City New Iceville
  • Best Network Connectivity (WSP) -Thomas Jefferson Charter School’sFuture City Amazon City