An Introduction to Jobs to be Done Architecture and Innovation outcomes

Presented by Rob Schade, Strategyn CCO

Key Takeaways

An Introduction to JTBD and Outcome-Driven Innovation Discussion Topics:

               • Why companies struggle with innovation

               • What is Jobs-to-be-Done

               • The core tenents of Jobs-to-be-Done theory

               • How Jobs-to-be-Done can help you transform your thinking and your business


Many people aspire to be great innovators — to build and launch hugely successful products and be known as leaders in their industries. But depending on your source, between 70% and 95% of all new products fail. Statistically speaking, your product is going to flop. The reason so many innovators fail and so many products flop is that innovators don’t really understand what it is their customers want. Moreover, they don’t know what inputs they need from customers to make innovation predictable. To capture these needs, innovators need a new perspective and that perspective is Jobs-to-be-Done.

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Speaker Bios

Rob Schade, Strategyn CCO

Rob drives client success with his deep expertise in Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) theory and Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI). He has advised leadership teams in many industries, including technology, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, medical device, and fintech. He also has deep expertise in the area of service innovation – helping companies to innovate current service offerings or create entirely new ones. Rob is also responsible for marketing and sales efforts where he shares his passion for improving the innovation process, a commitment he picked up during a decade working in hardware and software ventures in Silicon Valley. He received both his undergraduate and master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of South Carolina. With almost twenty years of experience with JTBD and Outcome-Driven Innovation he has framed 1000’s of project around JTBD!

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