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The Event

Join the PMI Western Idaho Chapter in person as we present our annual professional development event for the Treasure Valley’s project management community.

Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2023
Time: 11:30am – 5:00pm
Place: Boise State University, Student Union Building

PMI Western Idaho Chapter events are “open registration” events – non-members, and students are always welcome to attend!

This year attendees can expect to:

Learn how to #grow as a project leader with learning paths that align with PMI’s Talent Triangle® Power Skills, Business Acumen and Ways of Working and focus on adaptive methods, cyber security, growth and change management, blockchain technology and personal development areas of project management.

Earn up to 4 PDUs for PMI certifications or education contact hours to meet exam prerequisites

Bonus! Earn an additional 1 PDU – submit a whitepaper on a project management topic of your choice

Tickets are on sale December 6th through February 26th – but don’t wait, seating is limited!

Tickets are non-refundable. But it may be possible to transfer your ticket if you contact PMIWIC by February 26th. Contact VP of Communications ( for further information.

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The Schedule

11:45am-12:00Grab lunch at the buffet, and network with your tablemates!
12:00pm-12:15pmOpening Remarks, Drawings and More!
12:15pm-1:15pmKeynote Address: Megan McCaleb
Leading with “Yes, And”
1:15pm-1:30pm15-Minute Break

Zach Erlebach
Earning a “PhD” in What Not to Do as a Project Manager in the Power Generation Industry
Breakout Session #1

Megan McCaleb
Getting Better Results with “Yes, And”

Cammas Freeman
Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do: Building a Career Cushion for Uncertainty
2:20pm-2:35pm15-Minute Break

Julie Springer and Ryan Fullmer
Take the Pain Out of Prioritization
Breakout Session #2

Megan McCaleb
Getting Better Results with “Yes, And”

Ann Smith
Exploring & Cultivating Growth Mindset
3:25pm-3:40pm15-Minute Break

Edward Vasko
Blockchains, Distributed Ledger Technologies, and the New Project Landscape
Breakout Session #3

Heather Smith
Agile, Design Thinking, Program, and Product Management “Refined”

Albert Brown
Change is the Only Constant – The Best Career Lesson Ever Learned
4:30pm-4:35pm 5-Minute Break
4:35pm-5:00pm Closing Remarks, Drawings and More!
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The Speakers

Megan McCaleb

Keynote Speaker
Founder/Facilitator of Improv Team Culture

Leading With “Yes, And” (Keynote)
The very nature of performance improv, and specifically “Yes, And” is to accept and acknowledge WHAT IS, and build/expand into all that is possible. In other words, #GROW! In this presentation attendees will be introduced to the three rules of improv, in order: 1. Suspend Judgment, 2. Participate Fully, and finally 3. “Yes, And”, which is a simple, yet effective tool for collaborative communication, unleashed creativity, enhanced stakeholder engagement, and individual empowerment.

Get Better Results With “Yes, And” (Breakout Topic)
Attendees will learn how to: Notice their thoughts, and understand how their opinions have been formed – Be respectful to others for seeing the world differently – Overcome conflict, challenges, and creative blocks – Build a culture of which they’re proud to be a part.

Attendees will be able to: Be “present in the moment” to sustain a life with integrity, be part of the solution through idea-sharing and bold decision-making, and take accountability for their contributions to life, family, and society.

Megan McCaleb is Serious About Comedy. She began improv in 2006, stand-up in 2010, and is the creator of Improv Team Culture. Her life mission is to create happier, healthier human connections through humor. She serves the world around her by dishing out joy and hope while sharing true stories that help everyone remember that we are all just trying to get through life the best way we know how.

Megan facilitates engaging leadership workshops and seminars centered around the simple, effective tools derived from IMPROV to give unparalleled communication skills. Her signature “Yes, And” keynotes are hilarious and relevant. With over 20 years of working corporate jobs, Megan can seamlessly weave powerful messages that are relatable and action-oriented.

In a world where SOFT SKILLS are paramount, improv is the supreme tool for a revolution in the workplace dynamic.

Megan helps individuals and organizations transform their “Yeah, But” challenges into “Yes, And” solutions. She has been teaching improv since 2006 with businesses ranging from 6 employees to 600, spanning all types of industries and including Fortune 500 companies, Leadership Retreats, Sales/Training Seminars, and more. She’s received such honors as Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished Under 40 and Women of the Year recognitions.

Megan has always been deeply involved in the community, volunteering with countless non-profits, and currently serves as the Vice President of the board of directors for A New Beginning adoption agency. She resides in Boise, Idaho with her four children, and is a rabid jeep enthusiast.

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Julie Springer, MPA & Ryan Fullmer

Take the Pain Out of Prioritization

When everything is a priority, nothing is. How do you handle competing priorities? For better or for worse, we often find the loudest voice wins. In this session, we will demonstrate how the Collaborative Prioritization approach helps teams work together to visualize options, develop a strategy and decide what to do first.

Attendees will learn how to gain team alignment and buy-in on priorities, learn how to analyze options, and learn how to develop a strategy for what to work on first.

Julie is a co-founder and Business Agility Coach at Conduo and works with Agile leaders who have a vision for moving past the status quo and finding better ways of working. Julie is most passionate about focusing on outcomes (activity does not equal progress!) and creating a healthy environment where people have a voice and do work they care about.

Ryan is a co-founder and Business Agility Coach at Conduo and helps Agile leaders to solve tough challenges, get clear on what they want to achieve, and develop strategies for moving forward. Ryan has nearly 20 years of experience leading Agile projects and working with leaders to develop business agility.

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Edward Vasko, CISSP

Blockchains, Distributed Ledger Technologies, and the New Project Landscape

As the terms blockchain, distributed ledger, and “Web3” are bantered about within corporate boardrooms, IT environments, PMOs, and operational divisions bear the brunt of change. Understanding these technologies, potential appropriate uses, and implementation considerations can enable project managers to advise, plan, and implement them successfully. This session will present a high-level primer, along with likely challenges/opportunities from such technologies.

Attendees will gain an understanding of these new technologies and how they will impact IT and business operations, as well as be able to identify challenges and opportunities for the successful implementation of these technologies.

Edward Vasko, CISSP, is the Director of Boise State University’s Institute of Pervasive Cybersecurity. He is a cybersecurity leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Prior to joining Boise State University, Edward established and was a Senior Vice President at Avertium, a leading national managed security and consulting provider. Before establishing Avertium, he was the co-founder and CEO of Terra Verde, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to being acquired by growth equity in 2018, Terra Verde was one of the nation’s largest providers of cybersecurity advisory and managed security services, with over 2,000 active clients around the world.

Edward’s other passion is tackling the challenge of cyber workforce development. He has served on over 20 education advisory boards providing expertise around cybersecurity industry needs. He was appointed by Governor Little to the Idaho Cybersecurity Task Force.

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Ann Smith, MA

Exploring and Cultivating Growth Mindset

You may be familiar with the term “growth mindset,” as it has grown in popularity both in and out of the workplace. There are many common misconceptions around this term, such as it simply means someone has a positive, can-do attitude no matter what. Curious? Join us for this interactive, introductory conversation to practice methods to expand your mental models and thrive.

Attendees will be able to:

• Describe “growth mindset” and how it differs from a fixed mindset,
• Articulate why it matters,
• Identify common misconceptions; and
• Practice actions to cultivate a growth mindset.

Ann Smith is energized by partnering with leaders to facilitate learning conversations that help build stronger relationships, cultivate compassion, and create a sense of belonging in the workplace. Ann understands that developing these skills engages employees, fosters innovation, and leads to personal and business success.

After more than two decades of experience in global corporate leadership, talent, and organizational development, Ann founded her company, Guide & Grow Consulting to diagnose, design, and deliver custom learning solutions for business leaders, teams, and individuals.

Throughout her career, Ann partnered with talented leaders and team members across a diverse landscape of businesses and roles, including engineers, attorneys, food manufacturing leaders, IT professionals, medical device sales, property managers, governments, and nonprofits with companies such as Microsoft, Micron, and J.R. Simplot. Ann’s super-power is uncovering the priorities, pain points, and needs of each business team, then designing a learning plan to meet their needs.

Ann approaches every day with a growth mindset, believing that every moment is an opportunity to learn. Ann is a voracious reader – with a BA and MA in English, with further studies in psycholinguistics and how our brains learn.

In addition to custom instructional design, Ann holds numerous certifications to facilitate established learning solutions such as Situational Leadership, DISC Communication Styles, Crucial Conversations, MBTI, EQ 2.0, and others.

Ann applies her zest for learning to all areas of her life, including running marathons, coaching Girls on the Run, camping, animal welfare, and raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training.

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Zach Erlebach, MBA

Earning a “PhD” in What Not to Do as a Project Manager in the Power Generation Industry

Learn about unique aspects of the Power Generation Industry not only in terms of what skills project managers should possess, and what tools are best to use, but also what project managers should avoid to successfully balance an ever-increasing project workload, while keeping the company culture positive – learn what practices, and pitfalls to avoid.

Leave with an “honorary degree” in what to not do as a project manager working in the Power Generation Industry.

Zach Erlebach, Owner/Director/Serial Entreprenuer, is an Idaho native, and Boise State University graduate, with a Master of Business Administration degree. For the last 12 years, Zach has worked in the power generation industry, and is currently the Principal/Owner of Johnson Thermal Systems.

As well, Zach has a passion for aviation and is not only a pilot, but he is also the Principal/Owner of Sprintbach Aviation, an aviation charter service located in Caldwell.

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Cammas Freeman, SHRM-SCP

Tough Times Don’t Last, But Tough People Do: Building a Career Cushion for Uncertainty

Ways of working are changing. Inflation and rising interest rates are slowing down the rate of employment growth. Now is a good time to learn what “career cushions” will work best for you to prepare for an uncertain future. 

Key Takeaways:  

– Learn about the concept of career cushioning and types of career cushions
– Receive steps to build an action plan for career management in a recession

Cammas Freeman is the Founder and Executive Talent Partner of Stackrock Talent. She is a forward-thinking talent strategy leader who brings 20 years of diverse experience in recruiting, human resources, technology, and marketing to the table. Before founding Stackrock Talent, she served as the Head of Global Talent Strategy for a $3.2B travel technology company on the east coast, where she successfully led recruitment marketing and employer branding efforts to hire over 1,800 people per year.

Cammas is passionate about helping companies from tech start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations revolutionize their talent strategy in order to more effectively recruit, hire, engage, and retain top talent in the technology, manufacturing, and corporate professional sectors. With a focus on the future of work, she is dedicated to disrupting the status quo and finding innovative talent solutions to the challenges facing today’s businesses.

Originally from Idaho, Cammas has a love for the great outdoors and calls the Pacific Northwest home. As a proud mother of three daughters, grandmother to one grandson, and dog-mom to a border collie who loves to hike, she knows how to balance her professional pursuits with having fun.

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Albert Brown, PMP

Change is the Only Constant – Career Lessons Learned Along the Way

We’ll look at a career as a response to changing markets, economic, and personal events. 

Key Takeaway:  

– Choose a path, but stay flexible

Born and raised in New Jersey, Albert has lived in California for the past 35 years after discovering the temperature differential. He started his career in tech as a dBASE administrator. The path of his career has included being a trainer, IT systems engineer, network solutions architect through to his current work as Director of Strategic Initiatives at ZAG Technical Services in San Jose California. He lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife, Terry and Tibetan Terrier, Bodhi.

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Heather Smith, PMP

Agile, Design Thinking, Program, and Product Management “Refined”

Solve demanding customer problems. Practicing simple yet often underutilized adaptations of best-in-class methodologies can yield harmonized relationships with teams and customers, culminating in surprising business outcomes. The serialized challenge of many programs or initiatives can be attaining and maintaining buy-in and commitment with business stakeholders for financial and program success.

First, we refined the timing and use of tested industry tools such as Agile, Design Thinking, Program, and Product Management. Then, we built in our tested practices for strengthening relationships and influencing without authority.

Attendees will leave with new tools to incorporate into each of their distinctive professional teams and environments.

Heather is a licensing Product Leader for Cisco’s enterprise and data center portfolios. She is a co-creator of the listen-evolve-inspire company and community with Nic Selk, supporting the personalization of the practices for each unique business environment. Heather has more than 25 years of experience with global and start-up organizations, building and developing products to solve customer needs and achieve business outcomes. In addition, she has a record of aligning diverse teams to deliver value for customers and strategies for organizations. You can follow Heather on LinkedIn and in her listen-evolve-inspire community.

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