Why Disciplined Agile is Your Best Path Forward to Agile

NEW! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Greg Harness will not be able to speak at the March 8 Lunch and Learn event. Instead, Brian Russell, PMIWIC Lunch and Coordinator will host a video presentation : “Why Disciplined Agile is Your Best Path Forward to Agile” Presented by Al Shalloway

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This talk presents an overview of what could be next for PMPs wanting to make the jump to Agile.

The world is moving from pre-planned projects to ongoing, incremental releases of parts of an product or service. While projects are still important, this shift is resulting in a need for additional skills. This, of course, does not mean the skills PMPs have are not essential. In fact, the push to Agile has dropped many skills and attitudes PMPs have that are essential for sustainable success. Hence, while Agile may at first look like a need for an acquisition of totally new skills, PMPs already possess much of what’s missing and needed in the Agile space.

This talk will start with a discussion of the two most popular frameworks in Agile today – Scrum and SAFe. These are focused on teams and entire organizations respectively. However, each misses something very important. After seeing the good Scrum and SAFe provide and summarizing what’s missing, the talk with discuss what Disciplined Agile can offer in general and what the DA Sr Scrum Master and Value Stream Consultant offers in particular.

Many in the Agile space have not appreciated the value of solid project management and the discipline required for repeatedly producing effective results. This foundation is often harder to attain than many Agile concepts. PMPs have an opportunity to go into the Agile mindset by embracing what they know that is useful in Agile while discarding some older ideas that are not productive.

The Disciplined Agile Curriculum, particularly the DA Sr ScrumMaster and DA Value Stream Consultant workshops, can leapfrog you into the front of the pack, not merely be in a role of catching up.

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