Manage the Change OR It Will Manage You!

Presented by the Boise Change Management Exchange Facilitators: Lorraine Loury, Amber Johnson, and Heather Sewell


There is a lot of information and data out there to support the value change management has on a project’s success.  The big question is – how do we make it happen in our organization?  In this lunch and learn we will help bridge the gap between the concept of change management and how to bring it into your organization.

Key takeaways from this conversation:

  • What to consider when bringing change management into your organization
  • 3 examples of organizations implementing change management
  • Best practices to developing a change management capability

You can claim 1.0 PDU for the this Lunch and Learn. The topic aligns with any/all of the PMI Talent Triangle® components.

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Speaker Bio

Boise Change Management Exchange

This session is led by the facilitators of Boise Change Management Exchange (BCME).  Started in May 2019, BCME is a grassroots organization that brings together the Boise change management community to learn from each other’s experiences and share best practices.

Lorraine Loury, Founder | Collective Pulse

Lorraine Loury, Founder | Collective Pulse My superpowers are onboarding employees to make them into agents of change, encouraging cooperation to let collective intelligence bud, facilitating group discussions to lead them to co-designed decisions. I believe we have to give people the floor to make change happen. I support my clients in driving their transformation projects with their staff: get commitment, encourage cooperation, give meaning to the change, write the story and build collectively a tailor-made change management plan. I am also a sketchnoting and doodling addict. I like to turn anything I read or hear into a visual recap. I like to tell stories with doodles and a few key words. I believe a visual one-pager of a conference or a mission statement definitely helps focusing on key ideas, and being understandable and memorable.

Amber Johnson, Founder and Culture Strategist | amberland

Amber Johnson Founder & Culture Strategist| amberland As a culture strategist, I help businesses intentionally create their unique company culture to inspire both business and individual success, this includes how a company’s culture influences how they approach change. I have over 25 years of experience as a human performance strategist with large corporations, start-ups, and private equity companies. Before returning to Boise and launching amberland, the majority of my career was at Starbucks Coffee Company corporate where I led employee engagement, learning, change management, process and internal communication strategies.

Heather Sewell, Continuous Improvement Specialist | PADNOS – Recycling Solutions

Heather Sewell, Continuous Improvement Specialist | PADNOS – Recycling Solutions Working my entire career in the recycling industry has sparked a passion for innovation. I am obsessed with implementing improvements and achieving excellence. I take pride in diving deep and seeking to understand an entire process from start to finish. I have helped lead several transformation projects in the areas of account management, accounts payable, material inspection, operations and dispatch. I excel at delivering clear communication to stakeholders and that all project needs are heard and addressed. I believe that creating a solid plan, achieving buy in, proving the value of change and making the change easy are keys for project success.