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Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Amazing Teams

Presented by Susan Schwartz, PMP


Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a blend of skills that enable people to develop trusting, respectful workplaces. This one-hour interactive workshop provides attendees simple action-based tools to enhance communications among remote team members

Key takeaways:

At the completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

· Define Emotional Intelligence

· Describe the benefits Emotionally Intelligent leaders bring to the workplace.

· Practice Emotionally Intelligent behaviors to lead successful teams

Speaker Bio

Susan Schwartz

Leadership Coach with The River Birch Group

Susan Schwartz is a leadership and management coach who transforms expert professionals into excellent leaders. Using emotionally intelligent tools, she equips new managers with relationship building and effective communication skills to become excellent leaders who create amazing, collaborative teams. Susan published Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader, which unlocks the not-so-secret secrets of how aspiring managers can become strong leaders. A reviewer wrote, “Susan’s practical outcome-tested strategies and thought-provoking questions offer organizations and individuals a tool to craft a customized framework to help groups create something larger than themselves.”


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You can claim 1.0 PDU for the this Lunch and Learn. Lunch and Learn topics align with any/all of the PMI Talent Triangle® components (Business Acumen, Power Skills, Ways of Working)


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