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Building Great Business Cases

Presented by Heather Smith and Nic Selk


Every program owner dreams of stakeholders aligning with deliverables, engaging in the success tracks, and committing to budget asks. That type of alignment feels incredible. We wanted that too. So decades ago, we sought a new approach and practiced refining it over time. Now, we have a mindset and method that equally serves our customers and stakeholders. We continuously see a higher rate of alignment and commitment when we build and author a story that illustrates the problem, solution, and impact with all stakeholders. This collaborative authorship becomes believable for all teams when program deliverables are endorsed by customer-sourced insights and data. While this data-driven, hands-on approach has a track record of earning alignment, commitment, and engagement from stakeholders and sponsors, your practice must change. To illustrate this, we will share proven efficiencies to assist your success and learning curve.

In this presentation, you will receive these key takeaways: 

  1. How to avoid a cold pitch
  2. Only share evidence-based facts, insights, and data
  3. All teams should understand and be able to communicate the ‘WHY.’
  4. Build a business case story that has true customer empathy and impact
  5. Building a good story takes a lot of work. If it was easy, everyone would master it because it’s worth every bit of the upside
Missed the event… no concerns you can watch it on YouTube!

View the presentation slide deck
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Speaker Bio

Heather Smith, Co-founder listen. evolve. inspire.

Heather has had more than 25 years of experience working with 1000s of customers and securing hundreds of millions of product funding.  Early in her career, she was successful at rapidly growing start-up organizations, and over the past 15+ years she has a record of aligning diverse teams to deliver value for customers and strategies for organizations.  All through having a focus on solving customer needs to achieve business outcomes.


 Nic Selk Co-founder listen. evolve. inspire.

Nic is passionate about human-centered and customer-driven innovation. His 15 years of experience working on both the agency and client side has helped over 100s of clients transform their innovation and product management strategies and methods. He believes that giving intrapreneurs the proper governance structure and environment to innovate and re-design outdated product management best practices will enable companies to drive measurable business impact and produce products their customers love.


You can claim 1.0 PDU for the this Lunch and Learn. Lunch and Learn topics align with any/all of the PMI Talent Triangle® components (Business Acumen, Power Skills, Ways of Working)


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