Looking Back on 2021: Four Trends, Themes + Lessons Learned in Cyber Security

Presented by Eric Regnier

Project Manager and IT Consultant for ZAG Technical Services


2021 was an eventful and impactful year in cybersecurity, where we observed substantial developments from those perpetrating criminal activity as well as those working to defend against their attacks. From structural evolutions in how the criminals do business to government and industry response to the realities of the cybersecurity landscape to newfound awareness for the risks companies carry forward within their organizations daily, the pace of change in cybersecurity accelerated in 2021 with consequences and opportunities presented to those on both sides of the conflict. This discussion endeavors to explore these themes in order to inform organizational cybersecurity strategy and priorities moving forward.

Key Takeaways

Given the realities of the cyber threat environment, it is no longer a question of if cybercriminals will succeed in the penetration of one’s network, but rather when it will happen and what preparations have been made to sustain business operations. Towards this end, investments in business continuity planning, disaster recovery, data governance programs, and vendor risk management will be key for businesses to not only survive cyberattacks but thrive despite them in 2022 and beyond.

This virtual presentation provides (1) PDUs, and would align with all three of the PMI® Talent Triangle elements: Strategic, Leadership, and Technical.

Speaker Bio

Eric Regnier is a Project Manager and IT Consultant for ZAG Technical Services

Eric Regnier is a Project Manager and IT Consultant for ZAG Technical Services specializing in the implementation of cyber security solutions within organizations. He is a former US Navy submarine officer with master’s degrees in technology policy and computer science, holding professional certifications in CISSP, CCSP, and PMP


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