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We are looking to fill the following Board of Director positions in the upcoming May Elections!

  • VP of Communications: Think “membership communications” for this position. This role is responsible for managing and coordinating board meetings, maintaining meeting minutes, and managing the public presence of the chapter through our website and social media channels. This role works closely with the President and VP of Marketing.
  • VP of Marketing:   Think “public relations” for this position. The Marketing VP develops and coordinates the marketing plan for the monthly meetings, events, and educational opportunities with the chapter. This includes creating a disseminating chapter announcement, managing the chapter relationship with other organizations in the community, and maintaining relationships with chapter sponsorships.
  • VP of Professional Development:   Think “program planning” for this position. The Professional Development VP is responsible for developing and managing the professional development opportunities for chapter members. This includes managing certification training courses, working with the board to deliver the professional development events, and assist the board with the planning and delivery of special events such as our annual professional development day. 

Each Board position above is a 2-year term, and one candidate for each position will be elected by a majority vote of current Chapter members. Note:  You must be, and must remain a current member of the PMI Western Idaho Chapter to hold a Board position.

Past or Present PMI Chapter Board Members …

In addition, we are also looking for President Elect candidates in the upcoming May elections.

  • President Elect:  Successor to the president; elected volunteer who will assist the president with his or her duties of managing the chapter and assume the role of the chapter president if the president is unable to perform duties for any reason. 

Note:  You must be a past or current PMI Chapter Board member to hold the President Elect position.  The President Elect position is a 3-year commitment.  After the first year as President Elect, the President Elect automatically transitions into the President position for the second year, and then transitions into the Past President position the third year.

For more information on the responsibilities for any of these Board positions, please go to

If you are interested in becoming a candidate for any of these Board positions in the May elections, please contact Michelle Halsey at

Thank you for your consideration!