Certification Program Changes…

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Beginning in 2019, you will see exciting, new changes to the PMI certification program.  These changes will take some time to implement but we commit to keeping you informed.   Overall, here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Better support of our customer’s career journey: we’ll create stepping stones that help advance skillsets and link one certification to another. 
  • More customized offerings: the needs of our customers change as they progress through their career so our certifications will adapt to addresses this as well. No more “one-size fits all” approach! 
  • Modernization: better reflection of real-world work experiences and practices across the value delivery spectrum to ensure customers are equipped with the tools they need to deliver results.    
  • Recognition of specialized skills: we’ll find ways to acknowledge the skillsets our customers hone and acquire through their professional development efforts

Our first change is moving to Pearson VUE for all certification exam delivery to provide more testing locations – over 5,000 worldwide.

Source: https://www.pmi.org/update-center