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2020 December 9th – Online Movie Networking Event | Webinar

PMI Leadership Institute Meeting – Special Video Presentation

Nicole Brandes Author, Coach and Founder [of] Achievers on Fire
Business as UnUsual: How to Rise to the Challenge of Uncertain Times
Facilitated by Tanisha Townsend, PMP | VP of Programs, PMIWIC

Join us from 6:30PM to 8:00PM on Wednesday, December 9th!

PMI Western Idaho Chapter is hosting a 1-PDU earning Dinner and a Movie Networking Event! It is sure to be a night of insight from Nicole Brandes and follow up discussion.

Video Summary:
Professionals are challenged more than ever in this time of disruption, uncertainty and change. How can you manage this stress? And how can you stay on top of the game? Nicole Brandes has been working with some of the top leaders of the world exploring these questions. She will share a set of powerful principles for living strong, thriving with energy and being fit for the future.

This online presentation provides (1.0) PDUs, and would align with most closely with Strategic, Leadership elements of the PMI® Talent Triangle .

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PMIWIC 2020 December Special Video Presentation
Wed, Dec 9, 2020 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM (MST)
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About the Speaker

Nicole Brandes on Twitter: "Are you ready?"
Nicole Brandes, Author, Coach and Founder of Achievers on Fire

How digital transformation makes the human element more and more important. Nicole Brandes is one of the top consultants of Bob Proctor, one of the world’s leading teacher in human potential and a master in personal development.

Nicole Brandes is one of the most important thinkers in Europe.

There is a bright and energetic field to Nicole Brandes. It is contagious. It energizes the people in her audiences and alights on the shoulders of the clients she advises.

Nicole Brandes believes in the unlimited power of the mind and the infinite possibilities of life. Born in Switzerland’s countryside, Nicole recognized that her life would be exciting and full of adventure. At a young age, she made a commitment to herself to not let fear get in her way.

The Power of Intercultural Intelligence – a pragmatic approach to connected clarity. See below for Nicole’s most popular topics:

Today’s Leaders: Discovering Your Super Hero Powers in a Digital Tornado World
Leadership is no longer about marching forward in this chaotic digital world and hoping your team is still at your back.  Today’s leadership solution is self-leadership. It’s about first empowering and energizing YOU, re-igniting and rediscovering your passion, and stepping back onto the path where you belong, you know the path, the one that actually offers exponential success through less effort. (Think about it: It’s how ALL super heroes discover themselves.)

Get your cape on first. Only then can you save humanity. (Or the people you call your ‘team’)
Females Leading Differently (Because You Do) Isn’t it interesting? The most powerfully successful female leaders in our world aren’t warriors. Not even close. They’ve learned how to be the CEO of their lives first. These unique paradigm-busting breakthroughs and innate competencies allow them to achieve astounding results in the management of their teams and their respected rise in power.

Leadership Competencies of the Future
You can apply all the due diligence and resource imaginable to negotiations, projects and production but those efforts will slog down or fail entirely when you don’t understand the people. By understanding the 5 secrets of individual and cultural diversity, then you can quickly solve and evolve your group into one of accelerated collaboration.

Nicole Brandes also talks about:
• Intercultural Intelligence – Opportunities in a multicultural world
• Leadership styles for a global action repertoire
• Corporate leaders and the secrets of great Asian masters’ success
• Culture shock – money shock!

Nicole’s “Go do it! attitude” took her from a tiny village to more than 100 countries around the globe. On her journey, she learned how to speak five languages and studied Taoism with Chinese grand masters for eight years. Not surprisingly, Nicole Brandes vaulted from a modest background into the echelons of power.

Nicole Brandes began her career in executive leadership, changing the culture in several well-known companies and winning many industry awards. She led the non-profit organization for Sweden’s Queen Silvia. In 1998, she was called in as the point person for the airplane crash in Halifax, handling family members, engineers, company personnel and media.

Nicole Brandes on Leadership.

As she worked with powerful and successful people, Nicole began asking one question: What separates extraordinary leaders from mediocre leaders? Eventually, she landed on her answer.

Leadership is not about trying to understand the driving forces of change. It’s about understanding what drives people.
Leadership is not about expertise. It’s about the personality.
Leadership is not about skills. It’s about discovering the rare uniqueness of that person.

Nicole Brandes: This is where the magic happens.

When you understand the gifts of the human being standing before you, you’ve found your most powerful secret to company growth. Once the leaders of an organization understand their own gifts and encourage people to express their uniquenesses, everyone begins to thrive.

Everyone grows.
Everyone contributes.
Everyone begins to live and communicate at a more energetic level.

Today, Nicole Brandes consults and coaches individuals and companies in Human Leadership. Dialing in one’s own inner compass is where leadership begins. Start with yourself. Then, people will follow you.

How Do You Become a Great Leader? Here’s the Answer You Won’t Expect.

For decades, Nicole Brandes has held some of the highest-ranking corporate positions imaginable. She has created dynamic, lasting change at every level. One of the world’s most respected speakers on an international stage, Nicole Brandes delivers a futurist’s findings on what makes a successful leader. And her findings might surprise you:

Great leaders succeed because they understand ‘The Human Factor.’

This ‘human factor’ isn’t about leading other people. It, in fact, starts with YOU. It’s about understanding what you uniquely bring to the table. It is the foundational element that alights and lifts the infinite greatness of YOU.

It’s time to discover YOU. Unlimited.

Your greatest growth and development in any aspect of your life lies in recognizing, understanding and acting on your own greatness. Only then can you lead others.

It’s time to act on all the gifts already imbedded within you. Explore Nicole Brandes’ unique, customized coaching programs for individuals and keynotes and seminars for groups.

Global Mindset Thriver – Intercultural Business Expert.