GDPR. What is it? Why should I worry about it? | Webinar

Faciliated by George Lewis, Principal, Consentient Associates, LLC | Senior R&D Director at Open Platform Systems

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an EU law that can reach beyond the boundary of the EU. It has some overlap with HIPAA, but goes far beyond just keeping personal data private. You may not have heard of it — you may know quite a bit about it — you may not be affected (yet) — you may be directly or indirectly impacted now.

We will try to answer some important questions about the law:

  • Who owns the right to use my personal data if I am an EU resident?
  • Why are so many companies updating their Privacy Statements?
  • What is a Controller and what is a Processor?
  • What knowledge areas for your project may be impacted by GDPR?

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Speaker Bio

George Lewis, MSEE
Sr. Director Open Platform Systems,
Principal Member at Consentient Associates

George Lewis has managed technology projects since 1982, spanning disciplines as varied as NMOS process design and electron-beam lithography, firmware for laser and inkjet printers, software solutions for commercial printing, patent portfolio valuation for a $1B acquisition, web applications and IoT appliances. Previous management positions were with HP (both US and Europe), Xerox and Celstream Technologies (Bangalore). He is currently Senior R&D Director at Open Platform Systems and Principal Member at Consentient Associates, LLC (project management consulting).