The Vice President of Communications position is an elected and or appointed volunteer position that is responsible for supporting the operational activities of the chapter, managing and coordinating the chapter’s communications channels, and maintaining custody of the chapter’s records and documents, in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Perform and uphold duties, as specified by chapter bylaws, board policies and procedures, including but not limited to:
    • Maintain written record of chapter articles of incorporation, bylaws, policies, charter, board resolutions and all amendments thereto
    • Collaborate with board members to ensure board approval policies and procedures
    • Provide assistance to the Past President to ensure the profile and contacts on PMI component system are current and accurate
    • Oversee and maintain record retention program as well as determine what documents should be retained for what period
    • Document board meeting minutes in accordance with parliamentary procedures – refer to Robert’s Rules of Order
    • Notify chapter membership of annual general membership meetings within the period stated in chapter bylaws
  • Define and regularly update chapter communication strategy, policies, goals, and objectives
  • Maintain a communications schedule that details all chapter communications across all channels
  • Recruit communications team members; supervise and support all communication channel activities of the chapter
  • Consult and collaborate with all members of the board and appointed committee volunteers to coordinate the communication needs of the chapter 
  • Distribute information to and from the chapter with the goal to keep communication concise, and appropriate, which ensures communications are delivered in a professional and timely manner
  • Collaborate with the VP of Marketing to ensure the chapter’s brand is understood and leveraged in all communication plans and channels
  • Collaborate with the VP of Marketing to develop and maintain the chapter’s social media strategy and social media policy
  • Collaborate with the VP of Programs, VP of Professional Development/Lunch and Learn Coordinator, and the VP of Technology, to provide and maintain event content on event management platforms
  • Collaborate with the VP of Technology to provide website content and provide input on website design
  • Lead the development, production, and release of all chapter newsletters and other communications
  • Manage the chapter’s communication budget in cooperation with the VP of Finance
  • Provide guidance to new board members regarding chapter policies, bylaws, access to PMI member data access, access to chapter documents, etc.
  • Develop and implement succession and transition plan

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Must be a PMI and PMIWIC member in good standing 
  • Must commit to Board meeting and Membership meeting attendance
  • Has knowledge of PMI Global and PMIWIC brand guidelines
  • Able to volunteer up to 20 hours per month – time commitment can vary based on special circumstances e.g. annual events, etc.

Specific Skills

  • Skilled in written communications
  • Experience developing communications strategy and communications plans
  • Experience with common communication channels (newsletters, email communications, social media etc.)

Leadership Skills

  • Able to delegate effectively
  • Comfortable collaborating with peers and mentoring team members
  • Experience with public speaking and conducting presentations
  • Experience with strategic planning and process execution 
  • Able to use technology to promote events and deliver chapter communications